Graduation project: MIC in the oil & gas industry in the Middle East

Anil Bilen

Hi, I am Anil Bilen and I am following a Master’s program Biomolecular Sciences, specializing in Science+ Business & Policy at the University of Groningen. I am currently working on my graduation internship focusing on Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in the oil & gas industry. MIC is an important threat in the field, since conditions in the oil and gas producing environment can easily promote microbial growth. MIC can affect both upstream, midstream and downstream operations in the sector causing serious damage, especially in the transportation pipelines.

Throughout my project, I will be investigating MIC focusing on the Middle East. Right now, Middle Eastern countries are the leading producers and exporters of both oil and gas using ships, tankers and pipelines which all are susceptible to MIC. Although the elements for the microorganism survival which are carbon sources, water, electron donors and acceptors are present in these systems, other environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and pH also have an effect on the composition of the microbial communities which can result in MIC. Therefore, I will be doing research on the environment of different countries in the region to predict the possible microbial communities that might cause MIC. In addition, I will be examining the current treatment of corrosion in these countries, the precautions taken against corrosion and the techniques to diagnose MIC so that Microbial Analysis can approach their clients with the best knowledge.

I am very excited to be doing an internship at Microbial Analysis. The company does not only give me the freedom to take responsibilities and lead the project, but also provides me with all the help needed.