Internship project: qPCR for white rot fungi

Berit Hooghiem

My name is Berit Hooghiem, 20 years old and a fourth-year student of Biomedical Research at Hanze University Groningen. I am currently conducting my graduate internship at Microbial Analysis, the sister company of Bioclear Earth.

During this graduation internship I am working on the development of a qPCR method for white rot fungi. Bioclear Earth is engaged in the biopulping project, in which white-rot fungi are used as biological pre-treatment of biomass for e.g. the production of biogas. White rot fungi are known to be able to effectively break down lignin (a tough-to-degrade biopolymer in plant material) and thus have the potential to improve the biomass degradation pathway. Bioclear earth would like to gain more insight into the growth of these fungi and therefore the goal of my thesis project is to develop a qPCR test that can be applied to white rot fungi in difficult substrates such as straw and soil.

I am very grateful to be a part of this team during my graduate project and hope to deliver a great result to a company with a sustainable and progressive vision!