'What is essential is invisible to the eye'

The essence of everything we do, starts with what is invisible to the eye. Our work consists of unravelling complex microbiological puzzles, which we solve by making the microbial world visible and understandable for our customers. The technology we use empowers us to find the necessary pieces of the puzzle. Fortunately, we love puzzles! 

Born in space

We owe our existence to a journey into space. In the nineties the European Space Agency (ESA) commissioned our parent company Bioclear earth, to design a biological air filter for manned space stations. In this ‘living filter’, bacteria purify the air by transforming the pollution into recyclable substances (water and carbon dioxide). 

But, every living system is exposed to the risk that, in addition to ‘’good’’ bacteria,  ‘’bad’’ bacteria could grow, which could cause health risks for the astronauts. To detect the ‘’Bad guys’’ in time, our parent company Bioclear has developed a screening method based on DNA-analysis through which the crew could easily screen the filter. Back then; the analysis method we used was FISH. At that time, DNA-analysis was still at an early stage. Two foreign universities only applied FISH. The beauty of FISH is that we could make the pathogens visible under a fluorescence microscope by making them light up.

We make the invisible world understandable and controllable

Our experiments in space provided us with a lot of new knowledge and soon it became clear that this new knowledge was also very suitable for several challenges on earth. In 2014 we have decided to separate Microbial Analysis from the parent company Bioclear earth to further specialize in DNA/RNA technology. The techniques we have used in our space project have evolved tremendously over the years, as well as their application possibilities.

Innovation is in our DNA

Due to our birth in space, innovative thinking is embedded in our genes. Just like space, the microbial world is enormously fascinating. There is still a lot of uncharted territory and there are still many puzzles to be solved. We have an innate curiosity for new technologies. Not only regarding analysis techniques, but also regarding IT-solutions to process data of analyses properly. That is why we have developed Integrated LIMS software (Maims) to process data smartly and efficiently and thus making it insightful for our customers. We are proud to announce that our software is already used under license by third parties.

Our overseas Partner OSP

Our expedition to microbial life takes us to several places in the world. To serve our customers in North America even better, we established a partnership with the Canadian company OSP Microcheck. Thanks to this collaboration we are able to respond rapidly to our overseas customers needs. OSP Microcheck works according to our standards and uses our software. This enables us to guarantee the quality of the analyses.

Our customers

Our customers are from many different sectors such as the gas and oil industry, infrastructure,  renewable energy production, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment etc. All our customers have at least one thing in common: they have to deal with the invisible and often complex microbial world. We help our customers by making this world visible, understandable and manageable.

We make the invisible, visible and controllable