Eline Keuning

People-oriented leader, strategic thinker focused on innovation

Knowing exactly what to focus on and getting the most out of it, that is what characterises Eline. After a bachelor Molecular Biology and a master Chemical Biology at the University of Groningen, Eline started her career at the Bioclear group as a consultant Biotechnology & Innovation.

Thanks to her knowledge and insight combined with a high dose of perseverance, she managed to put the complex theme of soil health on the map in three years' time. At Microbial Analysis, she is responsible for the daily management. She appreciates a positive working environment and open communication. With her fresh scientific perspective and pragmatic drive, she knows how to achieve her goals.  Eline is described by her colleagues as an enthusiastic and social driving force on the work floor.

In her free time, she enjoys gardening, cooking and drinking craft beer at an outdoor cafĂ©.