Dianne Schootstra

A dedicated team player and connector at the lab

Dianne is a great team player and connector in the lab. She studied Biology and Medical Laboratory Research at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and completed her graduate internship at the University of Groningen in the Nanomedicine and Drug Targeting department at the UMCG.

She started her career as a Sample Technician at QPS and then worked in the molecular department of Certe. This experience is really useful now that she's a molecular biological analyst in our lab. Dianne thrives in a team environment and brings a positive vibe to the workplace. She's goal-oriented and always strives for accuracy in her work. Colleagues describe her as sociable, enthusiastic and a go-getter, as well as someone who stays true to herself under all circumstances.

In her spare time, Dianne enjoys sports. Her passion is football, but she occasionally plays padel. She also loves shopping in thrift shops and spending time with friends over a cup of coffee or a drink.