Elsemiek Croese

Critical and solution-oriented discussion partner and pragmatic planner

After obtaining a degree in Biology, Elsemiek obtained a PhD in Microbiology and worked as a researcher for Wetsus. In addition, she was a teacher at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and helped to develop teaching material. 

As a follow-up to her career in science, Elsemiek wanted to make a switch to research that has directly added value in business practice. She found this at Microbial Analysis. What she really likes about her work at our company is helping customers by searching for answers and finding the pieces of the puzzle through understanding the microbiology.  She finds it fascinating how life is able to maintain itself, even in the most extreme and unexpected circumstances and how sometimes evolution can be almost visible in the microbial system. Elsemiek is highly appreciated for her talent to translate complex data into understandable information and is known as someone that makes sure that projects are completed thoroughly and on schedule