Our partnership with OSP Microcheck: sharing is multiplying

In 2016, we started collaborating with the Canadian company OSP Microcheck. Due to this collaboration, we currently offer our services at three locations: Houston (USA), Calgary (Canada) and Groningen (The Netherlands).  The big advantage for our customers in both the USA and Canada, is that samples no longer have to be shipped to the Netherlands. This saves time, reduces CO2- emission, and brings us closer to our customers. 

The partnership with OSP is not coincidental. Our product portfolios are complementary, and the ambitions, professionalism and integrity of OSP matches our working method. The people of OSP run their lab, with the protocols, the quality standards, the primers and the software developed by Microbial Analysis. Therefore the two laboratories are identical and work according to the same high quality standards.

These are the bare facts that are very important to us, but not the most important. Working together begins with people that share knowledge, ideas and inspiration and solve puzzles together. OSP Microcheck and Microbial Analysis share a fascination for the microbial world. We bring all our experience in the field of DNA technology together. Not only is this very beneficial for our customers, working with our Canadian colleagues is also great fun!

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