Biocide efficacy testing

Do you ever wonder if your cleaning protocol is doing what it is supposed to?

In the fight against microbiologically-influenced corrosion (MIC), biocides in combination with mechanical cleaning are often an important weapon. However, we regularly see that despite these efforts, corrosion problems continue to occur.

We have developed a practical and effective solution. We simulate the specific conditions of your process in our laboratory and study how different concentrations of biocides, selected in consultation with you, affect microbial activity. This allows us to test the effectiveness of the biocides. For our customers, we often run tests with different biocides, contact times and concentrations. This allows us to determine which biocide is most suitable, what concentration to use and what contact time will give the best results. Together we make sure that your cleaning protocol really works".

Rob Elzinga,

Reinoud Homan,