Biological Process control

Microorganisms can play various roles in production processes.
In some cases, they contribute to the product, for instance with the production of cheese and yoghurt. However, microorganisms can also be the cause of many different problems.  A quick and reliable diagnosis is essential.  
Do you want to know if and which microorganisms are causing problems in your production process? Or do you want to know if your biological process includes the desired (and/or unwanted) microorganisms? We can help you with the products we offer below.

In addition, thanks to our cooperation with our parent company Bioclear earth and its years of experience with biological processes, we can help you manage the microbiology in your production process.

Optimum clean process:
qPCR test: through this test, we can determine whether there is a microbial contamination of the production process. 

Optimum process:
In addition to qPCR, vPCR tests are performed. vPCR tests can determine if there are still living or viable microorganisms present in the production process. 

Optimum process +:
This package consists of qPCR tests, complemented with the Bioprophyler test (Next Generation Sequencing). Through these tests we can demonstrate which role microorganisms play in your production process, and how they are more controllable. 

Elsemiek Croese,