Biological soil remediation

In about 50% of soil remediation, the soil is cleaned using bacteria. These soil bacteria are able to use the contamination as a food source and break it down to harmless residues. In biological soil remediation, it is important to know whether these bacteria are already present in the contaminated soil. Microbial Analyses can determine their presence for several different kinds of contamination.


Not only do we investigate whether contamination degrading bacteria are present and viable, but also if the degradation can occur without accumulation of harmful intermediates.

We perform this through:

  • qPCR to determine the Dehalococcoïdes microorganisms, for insight in the potential breakdown  of chlorinated compounds.
  • VC reductase gene measurement for more assurance concerning the breakdown of the harmful intermediates of Vinyl chloride to harmless compounds.
  • vPCR for the measurement of the viable fraction (for instance with aquifer thermal energy storage). 

BTEXN: volatile aromatics like benzene, ethyl benzene, toluene, xylene, naphtalene

  • qPCR  to demonstrate the functional abilities involved with the breakdown of anaerobic  BTEXN compounds (gene measurement). 

For other contaminants

Other contaminants can be suitable for biological breakdown as well. We can investigate whether there is microbiological potential for breakdown. Do not hesitate to call us for advice.

All benefits listed

  • Culture-independent: approximately 1% of the microorganisms are culturable. qPCR  is culture-independent and therefore enables us to detect microorganisms, that otherwise remain ‘unseen’.
  • Options: we can perform any analysis in terms of microbial groups (e.g. bacteria), species (e.g. Dehalococcoïdes sp), or microbial conversion (e.g. Vinyl chloride reductase).
  • Online data: results are determined online and processed automatically using software tools. Therefore, the results are not susceptible to personal interpretation.
  • Quality control: Internal controls are included in all analyses to determine the quality of the analyses.
  • Suitable for all matrices (water, gas, soil and air).

Order your sampling kit

We will send you all the necessary sampling material and a protocol within one working day. Use the kit to take your own samples and conserve them. Cooling the samples is not necessary.

Send the sampling kit back (uncooled) and you will receive the analysis report by e-mail within ten working days.  In case of urgency we can report within 48 hours (urgency fee applicable).

If you do not want to perform sampling yourself, we will do it for you. 

Elsemiek Croese,