MIC diagnostic

If a corrosion defect is observed, but it is unclear whether this is caused by MIC corrosion, we offer you a number of products to determine this.

​MIC diagnostic real time

You want a 'real time' insight in the active MIC processes that are involved in your situation? This is the MIC diagnostic scan, complemented with qPCR-RNA.  The data generated with the MIC diagnostic scan are further analysed and combined with RNA-data. Thanks to RNA data we can map active 'real time' processes. This way we can indicate if the MIC related organisms are still active and are able to cause further damage.

MIC diagnostic scan

You want to know whether MIC is the cause of your corrosion problems and if so, which mitigation strategy can be applied.

This product contains a visual inspection + qPCR measurement of MIC + chemical measurements and mineralogy. This diagnostic scan shows whether MIC is involved in the corrosion problems.

As a follow-up on the MIC diagnostic scan, we can advise you on the treatment of MIC and the prevention of further damage.

MIC diagnostic profiling

In addition to the diagnosis whether MIC corrosion is a factor in your corrosion problem, you want more insight in the processes that caused the problem. This product equals the MIC diagnostic scan, complemented with the 16S amplicon sequencing (NGS). With MIC diagnostic profiling, we do not only look at the most widely known MIC related bacteria. All microorganisms and their interactions are mapped. This creates a deeper insight into the microbiological processes that caused MIC corrosion in your situation.

Rob Elzinga,