Reinoud Homan

Versatile, customer-oriented and pragmatic connector

Translating clients' challenges into pragmatic and manageable research and turning results into advice the client can use to move forward. That is what gives Reinoud satisfaction. 

Reinoud obtained a master's degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Groningen, specialising in Science, Business & Policy. After his graduation, he started working at Watter b.v. and gained a lot of knowledge and experience with sustainable solutions for increasing hygiene and safety in, among others, the livestock and food processing industry. He was also occupied with European Biocide legislation.  With his extensive knowledge of the role of microbiology in business processes, he is the point of contact for our customers. His colleagues describe him as enthusiastic, always cheerful and someone with a broad know-how, good at solution-oriented thinking; in short, a consultant at heart.

In his spare time, Reinoud  plays guitar. He also enjoys sports such as badminton and football, reading and video gaming.