Sjoerd Jan de Vries

Practical no-nonsense researcher who likes to get to the bottom of things

Sjoerd Jan studied Biology with a master’s degree in Biomolecular Science at the University of Groningen. During his studies he did an internship at Bioclear earth and did research for the biopulping project.

For this project, Sjoerd Jan optimized the cultivation of white rot fungi to make them produce as much enzymes as possible for the degradation of lignin in biomass. Sjoerd Jan has a broad interest in both fundamental and applied science. He likes to dive into things and to unravel complex issues in detail. He now works for both Microbial Analysis and Bioclear earth, focusing on innovative research and solving microbiological problems. Sjoerd Jan is no-nonsense, practical and enjoys tackling new things. He is always in a good mood and if you need help you can always knock on his door.

In his spare time, Sjoerd Jan likes to spend time outdoors, read and play the guitar.